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About Wired Glass

Wired glass has been used for many decades as a safety glass because it prevents glass from falling during fire emergencies.

Wired glass is glass reinforced with wire mesh to make it more fire-resistant and durable, as compared to float glass.

Steel wire mesh is placed in the glass during the manufacturing process. The wire mesh acts as a reinforcement so if the glass breaks due to impact, the pieces of glass are held by wire reinforcement in position.

Where is wired glass used?

Wired glass is widely used in places where nominal fire resistance properties are required. Wired glass is used in windows and partitions of schools, institutions, public buildings, government offices, and hotels.

It is generally installed in windows of fire escape routes of the structure to gain time for evacuating people in case of fire emergencies.

Windows in stairwells and hallways are prime examples of emergency exits where fire-rated wire glass is a smart addition. It is used in roofs, skylights, fire-resisting doors and windows.

Wired glass, which is also known as Georgian wired glass, was invented by Frank Shuman.

The wire mesh is available in square grids as well as diamond grids.


  • Due to wire mesh present in the glass, wired glass blocks fire and some to enter the building for some time. This provides people sufficient time to escape from the building and thus it helps in preventing life damage in case of fire emergencies.
  • Wired glass can break through impact, but the fragments of glass stick to the wire mesh and hence help in preventing burglary or theft.
  • It has high resistance to thermal and electric shock as compared to float glass.
  • Wired glass is less expensive as compared to other safety glass such as laminated glass, so it is used as a cheaper fire-rated glass or cheaper safety glass.
  • Wired glass can also be used in the form of tinted glass and patterned glass. Hence it can also impart a decorative aesthetic to the windows.


  • Most people think that the placing of wire into the glass makes it stronger, but in fact, the wire in the glass weakens the glass from the strength standpoint and makes it more susceptible to breaking.
  • Upon breakage, the sharp wires in the glass are exposed, which may serious injuries to persons in the vicinity of the glass. Hence it is not recommended to install wire glass windows in areas where kids are frequently visiting such as schools, institutions, the vicinity of gardens, etc.
  • If a clear view is desired, wired glass cannot be used as wires in the glass obstruct and distort the view.
  • Wired glass does not have high durability in areas that are exposed to more rain and humidity, as the wire in the glass will rust eventually.
  • Under Australian Standards Wire Glass is only considered to be a B Grade Safety Glass.

Safety glass is a product that is designed to cause minimal injury when it breaks, compared to regular annealed glass. The two most commonly used safety glass products are laminated glass and toughened/tempered glass. Both products have very different and distinct features that provide various levels of safety and security.

Yes, however, the entire panel of glass will usually need to be replaced. We recommend replacing these panels with toughened glass as the hole required for the pet door makes the glass weak. Toughened glass alleviates this issue.

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass laminated together with an interlayer. When it breaks, it cracks but holds together, like a windscreen. Toughened glass is just one panel, but has undergone a process to make it 4-5 times stronger than normal glass. When it breaks, it shatters into thousands of small pieces the size of a fingernail.

Sometimes toughened glass will shatter instantaneously, without an apparent reason. This is often due to a small flaw within the glass itself from manufacture. If the flaw is present, the glass failure could happen at any time.

In the case of a glass emergency, we will attend the same day and can usually complete the repair on the first visit.

We can offer a range of different options to reduce outside noise entering your home. There are specific glass products available now that are designed for noise reduction that will significantly reduce noise without the need to completely replace the windows

We can offer a range of different options to reduce heat entering the home. We offer tinting services, but can also provide options for a high performance glass product specifically designed to reduce the heat entering the home.

Yes, we are an industry leader in the areas of accreditation, qualified tradespeople and safety. We are a founding member of the Australian Glass & Window Association national accreditation program and are active in the glass, glazing & window industry member forums and training programs.

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