When you’ve got a chipped or cracked panel of glass, it’s always a hassle. But it’s not always an emergency necessarily. In this blog article, we outline what instances constitute as a glass emergency, so that you know when to call an emergency glazier in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.


This is the most obvious reason to call an emergency glazier. If a panel of glass has smashed at your home or commercial property, it’s time to call True Blue Glass. This is especially the case if there’s pieces of glass lying on the ground as this then becomes a safety hazard to both you, your family or your staff.

Important: If there’s smashed glass all over the floor, make sure to cordon it off with a barrier (fence, tape, traffic cones, etc.) and supervise the area to ensure nobody walks through the hazard.


Whether an object hits the glass, or it’s caused from extreme heat, having a severe crack can cause the glass to break if left unattended. The rule of thumb is, the bigger the crack, the higher the risk of breakage.

The common window cracks are:

  • Horseshoe
  • Crater
  • Star
  • Bullseye
  • Spiders web

If your window has one of these cracks, get in touch with us today to have it fixed. Some cracks are small enough that a repair is warranted, whereas bigger cracks may require a full replacement. Either way, we’ll be able to tell once we perform an on-site inspection.


There are a few reasons that glass can shatter on its own. However, by knowing the key reasons, you might be able to take the steps needed to reduce the risk of shattered glass.

Reasons glass can shatter includes:

  • Extreme exposure to hot & cold temperatures
  • Uneven shading (sunlight is concentrated on a section of glass)
  • Garden-related ricochet (rocks from lawn mowing/whipper snipping, etc.)

By keeping these facts in mind, you can take the appropriate measures needed to protect your glass from harm. However, if the unfortunate happens, give True Blue Glass a call. Our emergency glaziers are available 24/7.

Glass never breaks at a convenient time. But for those unfortunate moments, call the experts at True Blue Glass. We provide 24/7 emergency glaziers on the Gold Coast to clean up the broken glass and have the panel fixed in no time. Got a non-emergency enquiry? Fill out our enquiry form for more information.