Double Glazing is a product we often get asked about here at True Blue Glass

Due to the great weather, the residents of Queensland aren’t usually too concerned with the insulation properties of double-glazed windows

We have found that they are more interested in what they can offer for noise reduction.

Double-glazed windows can offer a significant reduction in the amount of noise penetrating a normal window, however, we find that there are often more cost-effective solutions.

Double glazed windows can be very expensive for example;

The bill for replacing just 3-4 windows on one side of a house could easily reach in excess of $10,000.

After speaking with countless customers regarding their noise problems, many have professed to being totally unaware of any alternatives at all.

Well we have two solutions that we often use that work a treat!

Acoustic laminate

This is a modern glass product that is designed specifically for noise reduction.

Because it is almost the same thickness as normal laminated glass used in any typical house we can often install it directly into existing windows with no trouble at all.

It will reduce the amount of noise penetrating your windows significantly and costs only a small percentage more than a normal glass replacement.

This is the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce noise and we find more and more customers in noisy areas replacing every panel of glass in their house with this product.

Secondary / internal glazing

This consists of installing a basic channel onto the inside window sill of a standard existing window, and putting a fixed panel of glass into the channel.

Doing this will create a makeshift double glazed window, and if acoustic laminate is used it assists further in eliminating those unwanted noises from roads, train lines.

The possible downside to this option is that you will no longer be able to access the original windows from the inside, meaning that they cannot be opened.

If your home or office is subject to unwanted noise then give us a call to discuss what options might suit you best.

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