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True Blue Glass is the Gold Coasts preferred shower screen provider

Our team prides itself on supplying and installing the finest quality shower screens on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or something in between, we can help! Our glaziers are trade professionals who have an eye for detail and take pride in the standard of their work.

When you choose the True Blue Glass team to install your shower screens, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will meet current Australian Glass Standards and will be installed meticulously.

True Blue Glass shower screens replacement & repair Gold Coast

Over the years, True Blue Glass has become a well-known company, and we are recognised for our commitment to delivering the most superior glass products and customer service to the people of the Gold Coast. No corners are cut, and our shower screen installation, replacement, and repair workmanship is simply unmatched.

Why choosing the right glass for your shower screen is so important

Showers get wet, and combined with soaps, body washes, and hair products, it can become slippery and dangerous. If cheap, low-grade glass is used for a shower screen and it happens to break, it can cause significant injuries. Instead of breaking into small, harmless pieces, they will break into large sharp shards.

If your shower screen hasn’t been installed correctly, this can also pose a safety hazard. When it comes to the glass in your home, shortcuts shouldn’t be taken, it’s not worth the risk to you or your family. Many older houses will have standard glass installed throughout, including for the shower screen, and this is an accident waiting to happen. If this is the case at your place, it is worth upgrading your shower screen to safer and more appropriate glass. We have tonnes of shower screens available, here are some of the many:

  • Fully-framed shower screens;
  • Semi-frameless shower screens;
  • Frameless shower screens;
  • Sliding shower screen doors;
  • Pivot door shower screens;
  • Bi-fold door shower screens;
  • Quadrant shower screens;
  • Fixed panels shower screens;
  • Curved glass shower screens;
  • Custom shower screens;
  • Bath shower screens.

Our friendly team can work with you to find the perfect screen for your bathroom. We will walk you through all the options available to you including the fixtures and fittings. After your shower screen has been installed, you can expect it to be secure, aligned to precision, have no gaps or leaks, and look incredible! We primarily use toughened glass for our shower screens as it is strong and tough, and if it breaks, it does so in small pieces that have blunt edges, causing minimal injury.

Types of glass that can be used for shower screens Gold Coast

Textured glass has a unique look compared to normal glass, it is raised and offers a textural element that is not found in standard glass. It also offers privacy and is typically easier to clean. Smudges and smears aren’t as noticeable, and it doesn’t mark as easily as traditional glass.

The name may give it away, but frosted glass has a frosted appearance rather than clear. It is a great option for those looking for additional privacy as you cannot see through it. This type of glass can also be called acid wash or acid etching.

Coloured glass for shower screens is no longer a 70s trend, it has gained in popularity in recent years. It is ideal for creating a feature or adding another element to the bathroom to create dimension or warmth. Coloured glass ranges from subtle hues to bold colours enabling you to find the perfect one.

Clear glass has always been and continues to be a crowd favourite. It allows light to flow through, and it doesn’t affect the view into the shower. Clear glass is versatile and suits a huge variety of applications.

Low-iron glass does not contain iron particles, and this prevents the glass from having a distinctive blue hue when looked at from a certain angle. This type of glass is good for those who want their glass to be as clear as possible and want to let maximum light into the bathroom.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your shower screens or want to install new ones, we can assist.

Our skilled team can work with you or directly with your hired tradespeople to create a seamless and high-quality finish for your bathroom.

We cover both residential and commercial shower screen installations, and you can be assured that all work is completed by our team who are some of the finest glaziers in the industry.

  • Allow light to fill a space;
  • Keep your family safe and protected;
  • Make your bathroom more functional;
  • Help to retain warmth in the shower;
  • Enhance the look and feel of your bathroom;
  • Add value to your property.

We service all of the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas and offer obligation-free quotes. Our glaziers set the bar in glass installation, shower screens included, and this is why more Gold Coasters turn to us for all their glass needs.

For the very best shower screens on the Gold Coast, get in touch with us here at True Blue Glass!

7 Reasons Gold Coast Locals Choose True Blue Glass

  • Friendly, Kind & Professional Glass Repair Service
  • Family Operated and Owned Business
  • Fully Qualified Tradesman
  • Fast, Hassle-Free, Convenient Service
  • Worked With Well Known Brands, Businesses and Companies
  • 100% Quality Workmanship Guaranteed
  • Fast and Prompt Response

Benefits of using True Blue Glass:

When we replace glass for residential and commercial clients on the Gold Coast, we’re installing toughened glass. Although the name speaks for itself, having toughened glass provides:

  • Superior strength to standard glass (up to five times stronger)
  • Safety (less likely to crack under pressure)
  • Edge strength (keeping it all together)

For an affordable, dependable, and affordable glazier on the Gold Coast—True Blue Glass is the broken glass replacement and aluminium specialist. So if you need a glazier on the Gold Coast for your glass replacement, give us a call on 07 3209 8774.

True Blue Glass
Why use True Blue Glass?
  • We are flexible and work with you to make sure you are happy with your glass replacement or repair.
  • Our team is friendly and aims to be your trusted glazier now and in the future. Providing the best possible customer service.
  • The True Blue Glass team is focused on getting the job done right the first time.
  • We are more than just “broken glass specialists”. We can also complete shower screen installs, security screens, and more just click to see a list of our services.
  • We are a locally owned and operated family business that has built a fantastic reputation throughout the Ipswich and Brisbane region.
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Glass Replacement Specialists Although we are known as the “Broken Glass Specialists” our services include so much more

Safety glass is a product that is designed to cause minimal injury when it breaks, compared to regular annealed glass. The two most commonly used safety glass products are laminated glass and toughened/tempered glass. Both products have very different and distinct features that provide various levels of safety and security.

Yes, however, the entire panel of glass will usually need to be replaced. We recommend replacing these panels with toughened glass as the hole required for the pet door makes the glass weak. Toughened glass alleviates this issue.

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass laminated together with an interlayer. When it breaks, it cracks but holds together, like a windscreen. Toughened glass is just one panel, but has undergone a process to make it 4-5 times stronger than normal glass. When it breaks, it shatters into thousands of small pieces the size of a fingernail.

Sometimes toughened glass will shatter instantaneously, without an apparent reason. This is often due to a small flaw within the glass itself from manufacture. If the flaw is present, the glass failure could happen at any time.

In the case of a glass emergency, we will attend the same day and can usually complete the repair on the first visit.

We can offer a range of different options to reduce outside noise entering your home. There are specific glass products available now that are designed for noise reduction that will significantly reduce noise without the need to completely replace the windows

We can offer a range of different options to reduce heat entering the home. We offer tinting services, but can also provide options for a high performance glass product specifically designed to reduce the heat entering the home.

Yes, we are an industry leader in the areas of accreditation, qualified tradespeople and safety. We are a founding member of the Australian Glass & Window Association national accreditation program and are active in the glass, glazing & window industry member forums and training programs.

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