Australians know that when the temperature starts to increase so does the amount of flies that you have buzzing around your home and your face no matter how many times you swat it away.

This is why installing fly screens and security screens around your home can have a number of benefits.

Fly screen and security screen benefits

Adding additional security

This is where the security screen would be of more benefit than the standard fly screens due to a grill also being in place so that unwanted visitors cannot rip open the fly screen mesh.

Keeping out insects

Most people like to keep there doors and windows open on a hot day to make the most of the breeze to help cool the house down, but if screens are not installed you also leave your self open to flies, mosquitoes and any other unwanted household pest making their way into your home.

Keeping children and pets safe

Screen doors are perfect for stopping your child or pet from making their way out the front door and onto the road or into the back yard unsupervised.

Maintaining Privacy

Most screens help provide additional privacy as the traditional black mesh makes it difficult for someone outside to see in but allows the person inside to see who is coming to the door.

Saving energy

By utilising screens throughout the home, a natural air flow can be enabled. This natural ventilation can reduce the amount a person would need to use their air con, which in turn reduces your electricity bill.

Allow fresh air

Due to their perforated mesh construction, screens provide a barrier without restricting the flow of air. This increase in ventilation provides a regular supply of clean air to a home which can reduce things such as mould and respiratory infections.

Maintaining your view

Solid doors throughout the home reduce your viewing areas around the home which can make the house feel smaller, installing screens can help fix this issue.

True Blue Glass can install fly screens and security screens throughout your home on all types of doors and windows with the colour of your choice in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Ipswich.

If you would like a free quote for having fly and security door screens installed or would like to discuss which options would be best for you, then please do not hesitate to contact us today.