Should you get your home windows tinted? The pros and cons of window tint.

Window tinting can go along way to being able to use a room in the summer.

To many times a room becomes uninhabitable during the summer due to the uncomfortable build up of heat that comes in through the glass.

Although some people may beg to differ, if you have a room that gets too hot in the summer, you will realize just how frustrating it is.

Having to close the blinds completely, just to try and cool the room and stop the mercury from rising is not what you want to be doing every summer.

It would therefore be nice if you could use your sunny room, without slow cooking yourself to death in the process.

At True Blue Glass we can install a selection of tints to your windows and even door glass so call today to discuss our range.

If you are trying to decide if window tinting is right for you below we have come up with some pros and cons.

Pro’s of window tinting

They can make your room cooler

Temperature control is definitely the main factory in our customers wanting window tinting.

For those rooms that get a large amount of sunlight hitting it every day – tinting can help reduce the heat that comes in with it.

It can lower utility costs

Some professionals have said that window film can cut utility costs by 20% , and it’s much cheaper than replacing windows. 

Window tinting can improve the life span of your furniture

Did you know that the UV rays pouring into your lounge are actually damaging your furnishings?

The sun causes fading and this can be particularly brutal to your dark colored drapes and plush couches!

It can improve security

One reason a lot of householders get a window tint installed is actually to boost the home’s security.

A window tint can improve your home security in two ways;

  • The darker window tint can make it harder for thieves to see inside your home and this in itself prevents a lot of break ins from occurring in the first place.
  • Then, there is also the option of a security film, which stops broken glass from falling out everywhere and making it easy for a thief to gain access to your home.

It better for your health

As well as not being great for your fixtures and fittings, UV rays are also not good news for your skin.

Give your skincare regime a shot in the arm and banish UV rays with a filtering window tint!

Cons of window tinting

Difficulty of installations

Certain lites, latches, and frames make installation difficult, and a bad application can leave glass looking bubbly. 

It wont last forever

A window tint applied to the glass is not the same as a new window. It will not last forever and will need replacing one day.

Window tinting Brisbane and Gold Coast

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