Pet doors have many benefits.

First off, it allows your pet to come and go as they please.

And of course, the small fact that it allows you more time to put your feet up.

These are just a couple of reasons why customers call to inquire asking us to install a pet door.

But installing a pet door is not as simple as us coming to your home and putting it in your current door.

Below are a few FAQs regarding pet door installations.

Can’t you simply just cut a hole in my existing glass?

This is a question we are frequently asked when customers decide its time to install a pet door in their home.

The easiest answer to this question when customers call to inquire is ‘no’.

Going into more detail it is simply because or current glass would more than likely be float or laminated glass.

Unfortunately these types of glass are not suited to having a hole cut and a pet door fitted into them.

These types of glass would either shatter or become damaged.

Toughened A-Grade safety glass is the only type of glass that is suited to having a pet door installed.

and it is also the only type of glass that complies with the safe glazing code and Australian Standard AS1288.

But my door is already made of toughened glass so does that mean I still need a new glass panel?

Unfortunately yes you still would still  need a new glass panel.

When a piece of glass goes through the toughening process making a hole after for a pet door is impossible.

This is because it would shatter due to the stress and force used.

To ensure your pet door does not compromise the integrity of your glass.

The pet door is pre-cut through the glass prior to it being toughened,

Thus the end result is strong enough to handle the day to day wear and tear, the weather and your pet!

3 Benefits of  pet doors

The convenience for you and your family –

Sometimes after a hard days work you just want to come home and relax.

Unfortunately you find your relaxation time is taken up by a pet wanting to come in and out.

As its the first opportunity they have had to explore all day.

It doesn’t matter what the reason except it is stopping you from enjoying that nice glass of wine or beer.

Well with a pet door you no longer have to feel like your second job is being the door man

Health Benefits –

By allowing your pet to come in and out as they please allows them to stay stimulated throughout the day.

Prevent damage to your door or other furniture –

As we all know some animals can get a little excited when they want to go out side.

This can lead to them scratching your doors or even damage your screens.

Some pets may even chew furniture or urinate throughout the home if they are unable to get out of a room.

These issues can be resolved by the installation of a pet door in your home.

Cat pet doors
This cat door is suitable for most types of cats. It is made of high quality poly carbonate plastic

Dog pet doors
The dog door is ideal for beagles, poodles, terriers.
This high quality small dog door is made from tough poly carbonate plastic and has a
 magnetic catch to restrict the flaps from flapping unnecessarily.


It is important to note that while there are plenty of benefits when you install a pet door in your home,

it does not take take over the role of taking your pet for walks or a good old fashioned game of fetch in the backyard.

**All  pet doors at True Blue Glass pet are installed into A-Grade toughened safety glass

(in full compliance with Australian Standards)

If you would like to learn more about the glass process please see our toughened glass section.