6 Easy steps for cleaning up broken glass

An example of the mess that can be caused.

Want to know how to clean up broken glass?

From mowing the lawns, kids playing ball games to stormy weather, eventually a broken door or window is inevitable.

When this does happen its essential to handle any broken glass safely until a professional arrives. Please follow these six easy steps.

When glass breaks it will do so in a number of ways depending on the type of glass installed.

Float glass (typical in bedroom and lounge windows ) will break into large shards.

Toughened glass will explode into thousands of little pieces.

Laminated glass will generally hold its self together.

Six steps to clean up broken glass

Before attempting to clean up broken glass secure the area and keep children and pets away.

  1. Once that is done check the extent of broken glass debris. Often when a window or door shatters glass can be found meters away from the main area.
  2. Do not attempt to pull out any large pieces that are still attached.
  3. Everyone that is helping with the clean up must be wearing closed shoes to avoid injury.
  4. Never handle broken glass with your bare hands, large panes or shards of glass can easily slip and fall. Put on heavy duty safety or leather gloves to protect against injury.
  5. Once all of the large pieces have been removed from the area, there is still likely to be some small fragments that need to be removed. Never clean up broken glass using tea towels, kitchen sponges or mops as they can continue to hold microscopic glass fragments, instead use a wet paper towel and discard safely.
  6. If cleaning any remaining glass dust with a vacuum please do so with care. If any larger pieces are sucked up it may damage your vacuum.

Glass is a very dangerous material and can cause serious injury.

Even with these 6 easy steps we recommend making the area safe, and calling True Blue Glass to attend.

We are on call 24 hours 7 days a week for any emergency glass needs.

When onsite we will repair any damaged windows or doors and also clean and dispose of any glass.