What is the best glass for table tops?

Glass table tops are usually a hot topic so we will address some of the usual questions we receive here.

Table Top Glass on outside furniture.

Firstly, there are no strict rules on what you can and can’t have with regards to glass on table tops.

Since table tops are furniture, they don’t fall under the glass and glazing code.

However, there are some glass choices that are better than others for your table top.

When is annealed glass ok?

Table tops with a flat surface for the glass to sit on like the one featured, with little to no overhang of glass would be best suited to the option of annealed glass.

Whilst annealed glass is weaker than toughened glass, the surface is actually more durable to cups, plates & cutlery etc. and if it were to break in this situation, the glass would not fall to the floor (and onto people’s feet).

For a table of this size (2000 x 1000) 6mm thickness is a good fit.

If it’s considerably smaller you may want to go down to 5mm, or possibly even 4mm.

When should safety glass be used?

Toughened glass on a table top is not required and is actually more susceptible to scratches and marks, as the surface is softer.

However, in a situation like the one pictured below where the glass could break and fall to the floor, it is recommended to use a safety glass.

Either toughened or laminated will suffice.

Round glass top table

Is there a time I should not use laminated glass?

If using laminated glass for your table top, keep in mind that if the table top is exposed to the elements, eventually water will get in between the two sheets of glass and you’ll get what is called ‘lam rot’ with the water slowing creeping into the inter layer.

If the table is undercover, you don’t need to worry about this.

Indoor glass top coffee table

The table pictured above has no frame so it would require a heavier glass.

With a diameter of about 1000mm or more, 10mm to 12mm glass should be used as a minimum.

These are just a few examples and should be used as a guide.

Need a glass table top?

If you’re in need of a glass table top, feel free to call True Blue Glass to discuss your options. Remember to send us photos if possible.