Glass does not have to be used just on the windows and doors of your home. This article will cover a few different ideas.

One: Glass Benchtops

Glass isn’t the first material you think of when you’re looking for bench top materials, but it’s worth thinking about. Glass can be a perfect bench top material. It’s strong and easy to clean.

More importantly, glass bench tops have a certain elegance that can’t be matched by most other materials. It’s not for every kitchen or bathroom, but a glass bench top may be perfect for a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Unusual uses of glass in the home

Two: Glass Bricks

Glass bricks are more common than glass furniture, but are often overlooked.

They resonably inexpensive and you can use them anywhere you want light to enter a room, but don’t want clear glass.

Glass bricks are hollow. This helps insulate the room against heat or cold transference into a room. You can even use them as an unusual, but stylish shower enclosure.

Unusual uses of glass around the home

Glass bricks aren’t confined to the bathroom. Use them in any room of the house where you want natural light, but also want privacy and insulation. For an even more dramatic effect, you can use colored glass bricks.

Three : Glass Splashbacks

Are you looking for a stunning finishing touch to your kitchen?

This may be what you’re looking for.

Glass splashbacks are more expensive than acrylic splashbacks, but they can be perfect for the kitchen.

Glass Splashback

Four: Glass Stairs

Glass fencing and glass balustrades are fairly common now.

Treads are less common and can make a striking addition to a modern interior. Glass

stair treads can be used just like timber treads. Use them on a straight or circular staircase.

However you use them, they will be a stylish addition to your home.

Glass stairs