Types of Glass

There are generally three common types of glass around your home or commercial property.
Every home is different and depending on the area and location you are wanting to install the glass determines what glass type would be best for you.

The difference in the glass is not just the thickness but also the safety aspect.

Float Glass/annealed (image on left) is the minimum standard for glass in the home. You will find it mostly in your bedroom and lounge room windows and is generally 4mm thick. When broken it can be quiet dangerous as it breaks into large sharp pieces.

Toughened Glass (Middle Image) is suited to areas of the home most prone to injury from human impact such as bathrooms, splash backs, doors and full length windows. When broken it will generally shatter into tiny little pieces which will reduce injury.

Laminated Glass (Image on right) is referred to as a Grade A Safety Glass.

It consists of two or more sheets of glass permanently bonded together with an inter layer designed to improve acoustics and/or impact resistance.

The inter layer reduces the risk of the glass breaking and forming long, dangerous shards.

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