A glass panel exploded while a young boy showered in his family home recently.

Incidents such as these highlight the dangers that can occur when not using qualified glaziers or companies that continue to use poor quality glass products.

Please read the article below but be aware images may be considered graphic

A mother has issued a warning to others after her four-year-old son was seriously injured by exploding glass while he showered.

Cruz was just screaming and covered in blood,” she said.

He didn’t hit [the glass], there was nothing in the shower with him… it just exploded.

There was lacerations to both arms, head, chest and muscle damage in his arm.

The plastic surgeon said he was so lucky that’s all that happened.”

Ms Tilbury said the shower panels were installed around 18 months ago.

It was the same installer who was responsible for erecting a glass fence outside the family’s home.

This glass fence had also exploded.

Glass panel experts who have inspected the shower since the incident told Ms Tilbury;

It appeared the installer had not placed brackets between the glass panels and the shower tiles.

My sister rang the installer when my son was in surgery…

He sounded remorseful and said he would come out and replace it for free.

But when he cleaned it all up he said, 

These things can happen’ and that he couldn’t replace it for free as it didn’t have a warranty.”

glass panel exploded

Four-year-old Cruz had to have surgery after the glass panels in his home’s shower exploded

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Only recently we wrote an article regarding glass and if it can explode spontaneously

So please read to if you would like to get a better understanding of how a glass panel exploded.

Toughened glass is considered a safety glass due to the fact that it shatters into a million little pieces compared to large sharp chunks.

But please be aware that when it shatters can cover a large area and may can still cause injury as seen in this incident.

One of the main points to take from this article is to only use reputable companies with a proven track record.

Just picking a company for the lowest price could mean poor quality installation and poor quality glass.

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