Spontaneous glass explosionsA frightening series of spontaneous glass explosions on balconies of Melbourne apartment buildings has highlighted the dangers of cheap and faulty construction products flooding into Australia.

The falling shards luckily missed passing pedestrians by just a few metres.

The failures are suspected to be cases of spontaneous glass breakage linked to poor manufacturing.

It is thought the balcony balustrades contain nickel sulfide.

This can cause glass to fail when exposed to extreme temperature change, wind or other stresses.

It is also a startling example of growing issue of poor quality building materials making their way into Australia.

These items arrive by boat and plane unchecked.

Where they are then being installed in homes and on buildings – in some cases threatening lives and property.

“It’s a huge problem and more than we know about it,” said chief executive of the Australian Window Association.

Ms Gramlick said the prevalence of building products that did not meet Australian standards,

Ccombined with poor workmanship and installation, meant many buildings would have to undergo repairs in years to come.

The Housing Industry Association said the majority of building products entering the country were not being tested.

This is allowing poor quality items to get through that are not up to Australian Standards.

While spontaneous glass breakage is thought to be rare

There has been made at least three buildings in Melbourne where a number of explosions have occurred.

A builder was recently forced to replace a number of glass balustrades on a residential tower, This was due to the discovery of nickel sulfide impurities.

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Although this incidents occurred in Victoria it is only a matter of time before more cases start to appear here in QLD.

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