Poly Carbonate Glass at first sight looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass, but that’s where the similarities end.

The recent attempted robbery at a Malaysian Jewelry shop shows how strong Poly Carbonate Glass actually is.

The four thieves are shown on CCTV armed with sledgehammers trying to smash into a display cabinet.


But it just leads to them failing miserably and with them also leaving empty handed.

Where an ordinary piece of glass would shatter when struck by a single bullet or sledgehammer,

Bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass.

So, what gives bullet-resistant glass the ability to stop bullets?

It comes down to the manufacturers, each manufacture can make different variations of bullet-resistant glass

But it is basically made by layering a poly carbonate material between pieces of ordinary glass 

This process creates a glass-like material that is thicker than normal glass.

Poly carbonate is a tough transparent plastic between 7 millimeters and 75 millimeters in thickness.

A bullet fired at a sheet of bullet-resistant glass will pierce the outside layer of the glass,

The layered poly carbonate-glass material is able to absorb the bullet’s energy and stop it before it exits the final layer.

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